TRIPPLE COMBO - 2 days of animals and river Tour

COMBO - TRIPLE - 2 days of animals & river

Duration : Allow 2 Full Days

Prices from :

  • R2 970 per person (2 - 4 pax) - from 1 May 2019 to 30 May 2020 R3 120 per person (2-4 pax)
  • R2 520 per person (5-9 pax) - from 1 May 2019 to 30 May 2020 R3 020 per person (5-9 pax)
  • R2 470 per person (10+ pax) - from 1 May 2019 to 30 May 2020 R2 970 per person (10+ pax)

Take a full day in Addo Elephant National park, add a Private Game Reserve and you will have as many animals as you can see in two days. Then chill on the beautiful calm Sundays River on a river cruise.

Qualified guides will take you into the Addo Elephant National Park for 8 hours where you will enjoy this wonderful National Park and information from our guide. The next morning join a river cruise at 9.00 a.m. This will follow a river cruise of at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours on the river and be given exposure to the famous Alexandria Dune Fields. Leave the lodge afterwards and visit the Nanaga Farm Stall on your way to the Private Game Reserve.

Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest National Park in South Africa with a unique character of its own, placing it among the most bio diverse National Parks in the world. This big 5 park will be brought alive through your guide who will do their best to find you as many animals sightings as they can during your period in the Park. Be assured that between this amazing park and the Private Game Reserve where you will be in open vehicles, the next day, you will have as many varieties of animals as you could wish to see in two days.

The Sundays River starts beyond the mountains where the extremities of Addo Elephant National Park starts. Explore the section where the river flows between the villages of Colchester and Cannonville and the world famous Alexandria Dune Fields, to where it flows into Algoa Bay. One of the fastest in flowing (from the sea) and out flowing rivers in the Eastern Cape. Ecologically clean enough to swim, fish, canoe in. The ferry will take you to the river mouth and give you the opportunity of accessing the dune fields which are classified as the longest, widest coastal dune fields in the Southern Hemisphere.

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  • Day one: ADDO ELEPHANT NATIONAL PARK: Soft drinks and dry snacks. The use of Nikon binoculars
  • Day 2:The river cruise not requiring any extra items
  • Day2: p.m. THE PRIVATE GAME RESERVE will provide you with any extra blankets you may need and weather protective clothing. A traditional supper is served in a boma around open fires.


  • DAY 1: ADDO ELEPHANT NATIONAL PARK. The conservation fee for SANPARKS is not included. Lunch at the main camp will be for customers account.
  • DAY 2: The river cruise does not provide drinks or snacks. Please take these with you. Swimming towels recommended if you may swim.......
  • DAY 3: The guest is required to drive themselves to the facility. We recommend leaving slightly earlier to enjoy a snack at the Nanaga road stall.


Clothing appropriate to the weather.............. and a good camera for all those memories

Fitness - Only if you are going to challenge the dunes. This will require a measure of fitness.

What to Wear - Warm clothes for the river portion of the tour and good walking shoes should you wish to access the dune fields. Do not forget to have your camera ready for memory photos



The owners of Dungbeetle Tours/Dungbeetle River Lodge are qualified nature guides.

Tours into the Addo Elephant National Park will be covered by their insurance.

The other tours are from 3rd parties and although the best in their fields and come highly recommended, Dungbeetle Tours and Dungbeetle River Lodge will not be liable for any theft, injury, loss or damage of whatever nature arising from these operators, whether from default, negligence or otherwise.

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